Places where you can find the book:
Internet Archive
. . . . I recommend the 65MB download as that is the original version and I haven't tested the others yet to see how they came out. I really think this site is a good host for this book.

My e-Snips page . . . . First place I uploaded the book. It is about 65MB, ".pdf" format. The website is a bit of a hassle though.

Other sites:
E-sword . . . . If you don't already know what this is, I pity you. Thus far, I don't think that they have a Tanakh with vowel points - but the Hebrew Old Testament that can be downloaded for E-Sword is still quite handy.

e-Sword Home

Comfort Israel . . . . A source where you can download Dr. Ginsburg's Bible (1894) in PDF format. Dr. Ginsburg's Bible is mentioned in Green's Hebrew Handbook (Image # 047, Page 29, Lesson XIII, Section 61) for its use of the Raphē.