What you need to know first:

Green's Hebrew Handbook is now a single ".pdf" file. It totals 341 pages, and is high quality.

This book is free and I don't accept donations. It is in the Public Domain in the United States of America. For more info, see Is This Copyrighted?.

This is a book. It's title is "A Handbook to Old Testament Hebrew by Samuel G. Green D.D.; Third Edition (1921) Revised by A. Lukyn Williams D.D.".

I scanned it at 600 dots-per-inch to preserve the quality of the original - especially the very essential vowel-points, which were mutilated in my earlier 200dpi version.

This new edition is printer friendly, higher quality, and weighs in at only 65MB. I know that sounds large, but it is actually a smaller file size than the old 200dpi unprintable full-color version (which was about 400MB).

I have set up the book so it can be printed at 2 pages per sheet and retain the setup of the original book (with pages facing). This accounts for a few blank pages, as there were in the original.

This book is good, but difficult. This is not a "learn Hebrew easy" thing. You can't "skim" this book. If you want to learn anything, the going will be slow and you will have to repeat some sections. But if you have an hour or two a day to invest in it, you will learn fast.

Yes, I said an hour or two a day. One lesson has taken me anywhere from thirty minutes to three hours to complete, and sometimes I have to re-read the same lesson the next day.

Notice the page links on the side of this page. "Downloads and Links" is where you want to click to get to the actual book.